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The largest independent mutual bank in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Penn Community Bank

Penn Community Bank is an independent mutual bank headquartered in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. With over 25 branches, 300 employees, and $2.5 billion in assets, Penn Community Bank is the largest independent mutual bank in Eastern Pennsylvania. The financial institution provides personal, small business, and commercial banking services and strives to deliver solutions that serve the best interests of its banking clients. Established over 150 years ago, Penn Community is committed to improving its local communities and the economy.

Building a Relationship

Melotto Group has built a reputation with Penn Community Bank as a trusted copywriting partner to support its marketing efforts and other initiatives. For over a year, Penn Community has turned to us for various projects, including eBooks, white papers, blog content, and other deliverables to help Penn Community Bank position itself as an industry leader and communicate information with internal stakeholders.

Melotto Group’s approach is to work with clients to develop relevant content tailored to their needs. This approach allows us to establish solid and long-term relationships with our clients, strengthened by our understanding of their industry, goals, objectives, and core message. In the case of Penn Community Bank, Melotto Group has achieved this by conducting interviews with the client’s subject matter experts, thoroughly researching topics related to financial services and banking, and creating content that aligns with client expectations and brand guidelines.

This process has been able to streamline content production for Penn Community Bank, exemplified by our work on projects that include eBooks that discuss the impact of community banks on underserved demographics and financial literacy resources. As a result of the work we’ve done for Penn Community, we continue to forge a strong relationship with the client.

Thriving with Melotto Group

As a long-standing, independent community bank, Penn Community sought a reliable copywriting partner that would be able to create accurate, thought-provoking content that addresses the complexities of community-focused financial services. Working with Melotto Group, Penn Community has been able to leverage key benefits of our services that include:

  • Expedited delivery of high-quality content
  • Thorough comprehension of financial topics, processes, and customer needs
  • Strong research capabilities to produce consistent and reliable content
  • Clear and concise communication throughout the entire project timeline

Penn Community Bank is a great example of how Melotto Group works with clients to create content that reflects their core objectives while adhering to the highest standards of professionalism. Every project is a testament to our commitment to delivering quality content that exceeds the client’s needs and expectations.

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