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The industry leading financial and market research company since 1934.

Argus Research
Finance/Market Research
New York, New York

Argus Research is a financial and market research company based in New York, NY that has been providing independent analysis on US securities since 1934. The Argus team of analysts and economists deliver forecasts and ratings on the U.S. economy as well as objective investment research analyzing hundreds of reputable nationally and internationally recognized companies. 

Meeting High Expectations

Over the past year, we have worked closely with Argus Research to develop a series of industry-specific long-form reports. Throughout the process, our team has been able to thoroughly research and evaluate current economic environments and assess the financial performance of companies within each respective industry. Each report, exceeding ten thousand words in length, has been subsequently updated to reflect current industry trends and economic conditions every six months. 

Due to the length of each report, the Melotto Group team has conducted extensive research on each industry and the factors that influence their performance. To assess the performance of leading companies within each industry our team has relied on quarterly reports and other resources that have given us insight into each company's financial health.

An Ongoing Partnership

After being engaged by Argus Research to deliver the first version of more than six industry reports, we continue to update the reports every six months. Because of our diligent research, adherence to project timelines, and collaborative approach, we continue to develop our relationship with Argus Research. Our relationship has also been strengthened by benefits that include:

  • Adherence to timelines
  • Collaborative relationship
  • Strong research capabilities
  • Understanding of the financial environment

As a company with a long and positive reputation in the financial services industry, Argus sought a partner that could meet and exceed their quality expectations. Thanks to our experienced research and copywriting team, Melotto Group has been able to deliver upon those expectations. 

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