Exciting News! Our new client portal is now available. Manage project ordering, tracking, billing, communication, and everything in between all in one place!

Introducing the New Melotto Group Portal

June 19, 2024

Welcome to the Melotto Group Portal! Our new portal is designed to streamline your project management, enhance collaboration, and provide a seamless experience.

Home Page: Your Command Center

The home page is your command center. Here, you can manage all your real-time tasks, including contract, form, and billing requests. This is where you’ll stay organized and on top of your priorities.

New Project Tab: Start Projects with Ease

The "New Project" tab allows you to easily submit new projects. Provide details, share your ideas, and upload any supporting materials. Once submitted, your project enters the queue for efficient completion.

Files Tab: Secure Document Storage

In the "Files" tab, you can access all completed and delivered documents. This secure, encrypted hub replaces email submissions, ensuring seamless and compliant delivery with CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, and SO2 regulations.

Messages Tab: Seamless Communication

The "Messages" tab is where your team communicates with Melotto Group. Ask questions, adjust deadlines, and share feedback. Our secure messaging feature keeps everyone in the loop and ensures confidential discussions are protected.

Forms Tab: Efficient Data Collection

The "Forms" tab handles various questionnaires. Update company details or provide feedback on our services. Notifications ensure you never miss an important form request.

Contracts Tab: Manage Agreements

The "Contracts" tab securely stores all your agreements with Melotto Group. Sign new contracts, review old ones, and download copies as needed. This feature provides an audit trail for all signed documents, similar to platforms like DocuSign.

Calendar Tab: Schedule with Ease

The "Calendar" tab lets you book calls with our experts. Whether you need a demo, have complex questions, or prefer a conversation over messages, you can see real-time availability and schedule a call effortlessly.

Billing Tab: Centralized Payments

The "Billing" tab offers a centralized billing format. Receive and pay invoices directly through our platform via ACH, wire, debit, credit, and more. Payments are processed securely through Stripe.

Help Desk Tab: Find Answers Quickly

Welcome to the Help Desk! This is the go-to place for common questions and tips & tricks to make your Melotto Group portal experience as smooth as possible.

Settings Tab: Personalize Your Experience

In the "Settings" tab, update your personal information, profile picture, and more. Team admins can update billing information, company profile pictures, and adjust other organizational settings.

That’s all for now. If you have any questions about the portal and how it can benefit your organization, please contact us. Enjoy exploring the new Melotto Group Portal.

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